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Video of Jubi2Fye Doing Side Way Moonwalk Barefoot on Concrete Goes Viral

When Jubi2Fye invented his viral side way moon walk dance most people never thought he would keep upping the ante of places he can successfully pull of the difficult move. Instead of going backwards like Michael Jackson, Jubi2fye slides side ways while doing his moonwalk, which almost seems more difficult from physics standpoint. Now he has done the impossible, and pulled off this move on a surface that would probably destroy the average person’s foot.

Jubi2Fye Doing Side Way Moon Walk Barefoot on Concrete Goes Viral

People on social media doubted that Jubi2Fye could do his dance move safely on an abrasive surface like pavement. He was apparently getting messages from people urging him not to even attempt trying that.

Naturally when someone has a competitive spirit telling them they shouldn’t do something is all the motivation they need to try doing that something. Take a look at Jubi2fye’s barefoot side way moonwalk on concrete.

Even Michael Jackson would probably be impressed by Jubi2fye’s barefoot concrete sideways moonwalk. One can only imagine the pain he was in after he cut the camera off. His pain tolerance levels must be up there with Conor McGregor who did a post fight interview with a broken leg.

It’s safe to say this is a dance move you shouldn’t try at home unless you have some protective footwear.