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Woman Plays Dead to Survive Buffalo Attack in Viral Video

What would you do if a giant animal was running straight towards then you tripped and fell? Would you cry out for help, fight the animal, or play dead? If you chose the third option, then you probably made the right the decision.

A viral video shows a woman play dead after she was being chased by a Buffalo in a huge field. As bystanders look on in fear they encouraged her to keep playing dead as the Buffalo started to sniff her body. The fear was that it would trample her, but luckily the huge animal ran off at the last moment allowing her to run to safety. What saved her life was pretending she was dead.

How Big is a Buffalo?

A full grown male buffalo can weigh anywhere from 1,000 – 2,200 pounds. A fully grown female buffalo can weigh anywhere from 790 – 1,200 pounds. As you can imagine these hefty animals can weigh as much as a car. When the woman was playing dead to trick the Buffalo she got super lucky it didn’t step on her, because it would be the equivalent of getting run over by a car.

That woman needs to go play the lotto asap, because luck is truly on her side.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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