Man Tries to Rob Jewelry Store Then Finds Out He's Locked Inside the Store

He thought he got away with it, but learned it got away with him. A video of a man trying to rob a jewelry store then finding out he was locked inside when he tried to run is going viral. In what turned into an embarrassing blooper, the thief had to walk right back to the store owner and nicely hand him back the chain. The police arrived, and he was arrested.

The unlucky thief tried to shamefully rob the Jeweler by tucking a chain he was trying on into his shirt. Little did he know the store owner was 5 steps ahead of him, and had already enabled the store locks on the front entrance. When he realized the owner had to let him out, he knew it was over. You could see the embarrassment in his face.

Moral of the story is play stupid games win stupid prizes.

In the above case this thief got himself a trip to jail for a gold chain he still didn’t get.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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