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Why is Shaq Anti Vaccine Mandate? The Reason why Shaq Condemned Vaccine Mandates on ‘The Big Podcast’

Despite Joe Biden’s OSHA Vaccine mandate policies being struck down by the Supreme Court, some companies across the United States continue to enforce their own vaccine mandates. Throughout society the legality and moral efficacy of vaccine mandates continues to be a hot topic. Most recently Shaq’s reaction to vaccine mandates on ‘The Big Podcast’ had social media buzzing.

The Reason why Shaq Condemned Vaccine Mandates on ‘The Big Podcast

Shaq supports the COVID vaccine, and even encourages people to get vaccinated. However, Shaq does not support vaccine mandates. Based on his statement Shaq believes people shouldn’t be forced to take the COVID vaccine. His co-host Turner reacted to his comments by using the narrative that vaccine mandates don’t force people to take the COVID vaccine, but Shaq fired back with his analysis of why they do.

With many company vaccine mandates you either get vaccinated or get fired. For most Americans their job is their life line, so in a way they are being indirectly forced into to taking the COVID vaccine. To many people when someone has to choose between keeping their main source of income or getting vaccinated, they are being forced into that decision.

Take a listen to Shaq speaking out against vaccine mandates on ‘The Big Podcast’.

What’s interesting about Shaq’s anti vaccine mandate comments, is that during a segment on Inside the NBA it almost seemed like Shaq was pro vaccine mandates when they were discussing the Kyrie Irving situation. In hindsight he and Kyrie Irving actually would agree on things concerning this issue.

As Kenny Smith pointed out in the video above, it’s now well known that people who are vaccinated can still spread the COVID virus, which makes vaccine mandates ineffective in theory. The COVID vaccine is especially ineffective against the Omicron variant, which makes up a majority of new cases now. Essentially a fully vaccinated workplace is still a major COVID risk.

A good example of how ineffective vaccine mandates can be is the Royal Caribbean Cruise COVID outbreak that happened on a ship where all passengers were vaccinated, and test negative before the ship left for its voyage. Think about that cruise ship like workplace that’s fully vaccinated.

In a way it could be said that vaccine mandates create a false illusion of safety that doesn’t truly exist. Even vaccinated people like Shaq don’t support vaccine mandates for COVID.