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Here’s Why Some People Think Sarah Brady Leaking Jonah Hill’s Text on Instagram Will Backfire

The recent drama between Sarah Brady and Jonah Hill has sparked a lot of debate on social media. His former girlfriend who is a surf instructor, leaked a text message from Jonah Hill, a successful entrepreneur and movie actor, where he laid out his boundaries for their relationship. She accused him of being a “misogynistic narcissist” who misuses the term “boundaries” to control and manipulate her.

In the leaked text message, Jonah Hill explained to Sarah Brady that he doesn’t want her surfing with men, taking pictures in bathing suits, modeling, or having friendships with women who are from “unstable places” or her “wild recent past”.

He said that if she can’t comply with those requirements, then he isn’t the right partner for her. He also said that he respects her choices and wishes her the best.

Will Leaking Jonah Hill’s Text Backfire on Sarah Brady?

Some people on social media feel that Jonah Hill did nothing wrong, and just expressed his preferences and expectations in a clear and concise manner.

They feel that Sarah Brady leaking the text message will backfire on her, because in their eyes it shows that he was looking for a wholesome woman, and not the stereotypical Instagram model type of woman.

However, others disagree and think that Jonah Hill’s boundaries are unreasonable and oppressive. They say that he is trying to dictate how Sarah Brady should live her life, and who she should associate with.

They claim that he is insecure and jealous, and that he is projecting his own issues onto her. They support Sarah Brady’s decision to expose Jonah Hill’s true colors.

With all that said, let’s take a look at the leaked text message.

All in all in the seems the part of the text that stands out most is Hill telling Brady the type of female friends she can’t have. It’s hard to argue with anyone who believe that sounds a bit too controlling. At the same time, he seemed to be very respectful throughout the message, and even assured her that he wouldn’t be mad if she decided she didn’t want to be with him.

At the core of their issues might be their age gap, in the sense they are just at two different points in life. Who do you think is wrong in this situation?

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