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Taxstone Exposes Why NORE Allegedly Called 50 Cent a Snitch and Shows Him Fake Love in Public

In a recent jail phone call, the controversial podcaster Taxstone revealed some shocking details about the relationship between NORE and 50 Cent. According to Taxstone, NORE doesn’t really like 50 Cent behind closed doors, but acts like he does in public. He also shared a story that allegedly proves 50 Cent’s snitching behavior as a federal informant.

Did NORE aka Noreaga Call 50 Cent a Snitch?

Taxstone said that back in the day, NORE and Ja Rule used to be neighbors, during the time Ja Rule was beefing with 50 Cent. He claimed that NORE told him that one day the FBI came knocking on his door looking for Ja Rule, and they told him that 50 Cent was the one that gave information on where Ja Rule lived. Taxstone said that NORE called 50 Cent a snitch, but never confronted him or says anything about it publicly.

Taxstone accused NORE of being a hypocrite and a coward, who shows fake love to 50 Cent in public, but talks bad about him in private. He insinuated that NORE is afraid of 50 Cent’s power and influence, and that he doesn’t respect him as a man. He also challenged NORE to deny his claims and face the truth. Is Noreaga really faking the funk when it comes to his admiration for 50 Cent these days?

It will be interesting to see how 50 Cent reacts to this situation. Although he is much more mellow these days, and doesn’t really start beef that often, he’s never been the type to hold his tongue when his name is mentioned in a drama like this, especially when it involves him allegedly snitching to FEDS.

It seems inevitable that he will either call out Taxstone or NORE to get to the bottom of these allegations. Get your popcorn ready folks.

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