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Richard Sherman’s ‘Pause’ Moment with Skip Bayless During Undisputed Debut Sparks Controversy

Richard Sherman, the former NFL star and current FS1 analyst, had an unexpected ‘pause’ moment with Skip Bayless during his first appearance on Undisputed. The two were discussing their infamous beef in 2013, back when Sherman was a guest on Bayless’ previous show, First Take.

The heated exchange between Sherman and Bayless in 2013, became viral after Sherman told Bayless that he was “better at life” than him and that he had accomplished more in football than Bayless had in media.

Bayless, known for his provocative opinions and hot takes, did not back down and challenged Sherman’s credentials and achievements. Sherman was not happy about the way Bayless said Darrelle Revis was better than him.

Richard Sherman’s ‘Pause’ Moment with Skip Bayless Trends

On Monday, Sherman and Bayless revisited their clash on the new-look Undisputed, which also features Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson as co-hosts.

Sherman explained that he had no personal animosity towards Bayless, and that he was just trying to defend himself from Bayless’ criticism. Bayless agreed that he respected Sherman as a player, and a person and that he was glad to have him on the show.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Bayless said, “You came hard”, when describing how intense the moment was between them on First Take. Sherman quickly responded with a “pause”, which became the most talked about moment on social media.

The term “pause” is sometimes used after a person says something that could be potentially considered gay if taken out of context. There is still controversy around whether, or not saying “pause” in that context could be considered homophobic, which is why it’s sometimes surprising to hear it said on national television.

Sherman and Bayless are expected to have more spirited debates, and discussions on Undisputed. Many people thought that Undisputed might struggle without the star power that Shannon Sharpe brought, but it looks like Skip Bayless is trying to bounce back in a big way, by actually using First Take’s formula of having a diverse cast of personalities to join his debate table.

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