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Why Jamaicans Allegedly Getting Banned From Jamaican Beaches is Exposing the Beach Control Act of 1956

A recent controversy has erupted in Jamaica over the alleged exclusion of locals from accessing some of the island’s most popular beaches. According to some reports, resorts and private property owners are actively blocking Jamaicans from enjoying the turquoise waters and white sands that attract millions of tourists every year. But what are the reasons behind this apparent discrimination and what are the implications for the Jamaican people and their culture?

Why are Jamaicans Allegedly Getting Banned From Their Own Beaches?

One of the alleged main arguments used by resorts and property owners to justify their actions is that they have invested heavily in developing and maintaining the beachfront areas, and that they have the right to protect their interests and ensure the safety and comfort of their guests.

They also allegedly claim that they pay taxes and fees to the government for the use of the beach land, and that they provide employment and income for many Jamaicans. It’s not clear how offering a person employment makes banning them from the beach area okay.

Naturally, these arguments do not sit well with many Jamaicans who feel that they are being denied their birthright and their heritage. Jamaica is known as a land of sun, sand and sea, and the beach is an integral part of the Jamaican identity and culture.

Many Jamaicans have grown up going to the beach for fishing, bathing, recreation or spiritual purposes, and they resent being treated as outsiders or intruders on their own land. They also question the legality and morality of the resorts and property owners who claim exclusive rights to the beach land, which is supposed to be a public resource.

Why Jamaicans Allegedly Getting Banned From Jamaican Beaches is Exposing the Beach Control Act of 1956
Tourist Boats Resting on Shore at Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Is the Beach Control Act of 1956 Subliminally Racist?

According to the Beach Control Act of 1956, which regulates access to Jamaican beaches, no person shall occupy or use any beach land except under and in accordance with a license granted by the relevant authority. The act also states that any person who has used any beach land for fishing, bathing or recreation without interruption for 20 years shall have an absolute and indefeasible right to use such beach land.

However, many Jamaicans argue that this act is outdated, ambiguous and discriminatory, as it does not clearly define what constitutes a beach land or a public access point, nor does it guarantee free access for all Jamaicans.

Some campaigners have taken the issue to court, seeking to protect their access rights to certain beaches under the Prescription Act, which recognizes customary rights based on long-term usage. One of the cases involves the Bob Marley Beach in Bull Bay, St Thomas and St Andrew, which is best known for being a spiritual haven for the late reggae icon, and an important place for the local Rastafari community.

The campaigners claim that they have been using the beach continuously for more than 20 years without any permission or interruption, and that they are now at risk of privatization by a nearby development project.

The outcome of these cases could have significant implications for the future of beach access in Jamaica, as well as for the preservation of the Jamaican culture and identity. The campaigners hope that their legal actions will prompt the government to repeal and replace the Beach Control Act with a more modern and inclusive legislation that will ensure that all Jamaicans can enjoy their ecological heritage.

They also hope that their efforts will raise awareness among Jamaicans and tourists alike about the importance of respecting and protecting the beaches as a national treasure.

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