For the second time in the past few months a popular streamer was the victim of a swatting scheme that played in front thousands of viewers. The last time an incident like this happened it involved the popular YouTuber Speed getting swatted. In this instance Adin Ross’ world was flipped upside down when things went left real quick.

Swatting is a major issue, which has increased significantly over the past 10 years. According to ADL former FBI agent Kevin Kolbye stated that in 2011 there were only 400 known cases of the crime taking place. Fast forward to more recent years, and he says there are now thousands of cases happening. People charged with swatting can face charges including threatening interstate communications, conspiracy to retaliate against a victim or business, conspiracy to commit access device fraud, and accomplices can be charged with conspiring to obstruct justice. In California a person accused of swatting has to brunt full cost of the emergency response, which is usually more than $10,000. Some states can enforce penalties of up to 10 years in prison and/or a $150,000 fine.

Details on Why the Video of Adin Ross Getting Swatted on Livestream Led to a Twitch Ban

The Adin Ross swatting situation unfolded while hundreds of thousands of viewers were watching his Twitch Livestream. In the scary footage police can be seen telling Adin Ross and others in his house to put their hands over their heads. When the situation began you could hear him tell someone on the phone “There is a swat team at my house right now”. The term swatting describes when people make a fake police report about something happening at an address. Adin Ross was temporarily banned from Twitch likely because of documentation in their community guidelines, which describes livestreams being shutdown when an emergency situation is detected.


When you’re a public figure the chances of getting swatted increase drastically. You could hear Adin Ross say “Why do ya’ll do this”, because he probably knows his fame makes him a target for schemes like this.

In many instances politicians are targeted such as New Jersey State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty in 2015.

The incidents where it happens to internet personalities are more notable, because often times it’s caught on camera.

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