Here is the Secret To Becoming a BitLife Famous Rapper in a Short Amount of Time. Steps to becoming a famous BitLife rapper

BitLife is a game where you can be almost everything imaginable, and a GOAT rapper is on that list. In this article we’ll delve into the secrets to becoming a BitLife famous rapper in a short amount of time. What makes the journey to becoming a BitLife famous rapper so cool is that a lot of the same values from real life apply to the game.

The Most Important Step in Becoming a BitLife Famous Rapper.

Just as you would guess in real life, starting early is the most important step in becoming a successful rapper in BitLife. By early we mean that you need to work on your avatar’s talents from the jump. The first talent you probably want to focus on is their voice by taking vocal lessons as early as you can in the game. To take a vocal lesson you want to navigate to the ‘activities’ menu, then to the ‘Mind & Body’ sub menu.

College or No College?

On your journey to becoming rapper what you choose to do when your BitLife avatar turns 18 plays a large role in how fast you become a famous rapper. The game gives you the option to attend college or go out into the real world, and chase your career aspirations. Since you want to be a BitLife famous rapper in a short amount of time then skip college by navigating to the ‘occupation’ menu, selecting ‘remarkable careers’, then choosing the ‘musician’ option in ‘special careers’. Lastly, you want to choose the solo artist singer option, and apply to a record label.

Only Rap Albums?

As a BitLife rapper the only thing you can do is release albums of any genre, but there is one thing you want to avoid doing. The last secret to becoming a BitLife famous rapper quickly is to only release rap albums. You have to focus solely on rap music for the game to catapult you into true stardom as quickly as possible.

Hopefully these secret tips help you on your journey to becoming a BitLife famous rapper.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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