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Viral Video Shows How a Convicted Felon Saved the Life of Texas Police Officer Who Was Shot by Carjacking Suspect on Highway

A viral video has captured the heroic act of an ex-convict who saved a police officer’s life after he was shot while trying to stop a carjacking suspect on a highway in Texas. The video shows the tense moment when the officer was in a stand-off with the suspect, before he was hit by a bullet.

The ex-convict who was identified as John Lally, who was a bystander, sprang to the rescue by getting out of his car and dragging the officer identified as J Gibson to safety, until other cops and paramedics arrived.

The video also reveals the emotional exchange between the ex-convict and the officer, as the former was giving him words of encouragement and letting him know that he will make it.

The officer was screaming in pain from the gunshot wound, but the ex-convict did not let go of his hand. He also told the officer and other cops how his prison stint changed his life and made him become a better person.

The video has been widely shared on social media and has received praise and admiration from many people, who hailed the ex-convict as a hero and a role model. Some also commented on how the situation shows that even the worst people can turn their lives around, as in this case an ex-convict who was once a criminal, is now the one who saves cops from other criminals.

The police officer, who has not been identified, was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover from his injuries. The suspect, who also has not been named, was arrested and faces multiple charges.

According to WFAA Houston Police Chief Troy Finner described John Lally as a truly reformed individual and hero. This situation shows that there is truly is good in all people, but sometimes it takes the right situation and right experiences to make them finally be able to show that good side.

For Mr. Lally his prison stint helped him discover the good person that was inside him, and it led to saving Texas police officers J Gibson’s life.