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How Chibi the Real Life Robot Made ‘This Robot Cannot Human’ Dance Channel Go Viral

You might have seen a robot that looks and moves like a human, but did you know that there is actually a human who looks and moves like a robot? His name is Chibi, and he is the amazing robot performer.

Who is Chibi the Real Life Robot?

Chibi is allegedly former gymnast or dancer, who goes by the name of Bryan Gaynor, according to some sources. He allegedly started to practice robot movements when he was a teen, after being inspired by robot movies and videos. Some urban legends say he spent hours every day, learning how to move his arms, legs, head, and body like a machine. They also claim he trained himself to control his face and breathing to look more robotic.

‘This Robot Cannot Human’ Dance Channel Goes Viral

Chibi began to perform his robot act in public places. Some urban legends say he would wear a suit and act like a robot on the streets or in shopping malls. People would be curious and try to interact with him, but he would not respond. He would only move when someone pushed a button on his chest, which he had set up to make different noises and lights.

Chibi became famous for his realistic robot impersonation. He was invited to many events and shows, such as festivals, parties, conventions, and TV shows. He also created social media accounts “This Robot Cannot Human” aka @thisrobotcannothuman, where he shared his videos and pictures. He attracted millions of fans and followers who loved his talent and creativity.

One of the most remarkable things about Chibi’s act is his ability to stay in character for long periods of time without blinking or breaking character. He can do incredible poses that require a lot of strength and flexibility. For example, he can arch his back at a right angle, or balance on one leg with the other one stretched out.

It’s alleged Chibi trained himself to not blink for up to 15 minutes at a time, by using eye drops and focusing on a fixed point. It’s also rumored that he trained himself to have a high pain tolerance and endurance, by doing yoga and meditation. Some urban legends claim that he can go into a trance-like state when he performs, where he feels like he is really a robot.

Chibi’s act is not only fun, but also inspiring. He shows that humans can do amazing things with passion and dedication. He also questions the limits between humans and machines, and makes people think about the future of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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