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Video of Stromboli Volcano Eruption in Italy 24 Hours Later is Horrifyingly Scary

Over 24 hours ago a volcano located on the Italian Island of Stromboli became active spewing lava and endless smoke into the sky. According to reports the eruption caused a massive three minute long seismic signal, which is a transient waveform radiated from a localized natural or man made seismic source. Despite the fact it has been over one day since the volcano erupted, recent video revealed it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Video of Stromboli Volcano Eruption in Italy 24 Hours Later is Horrifying

A video trending worldwide shows the Stromboli Volcano eruption still billowing smoke and lava flowing 24 hours after its eruption. According to multiple reports there are no casualties, but an emergency alert was issued do to persistent danger of ‘enhanced volcano imbalance’. The Italian Department of Civil Protection raised their emergency level from yellow to orange, which signifies how dangerous the situation could potentially be.

Stromboli volcano in Italy erupts around 24hrs ago and still ongoing

Although Volcanos cause massive immediate damage to environment that surrounds it, there are also long term affects that can drastically change the climate. According to NASA when a major volcano eruption happens it can change the Earth’s radiative balance due to the volcanic aerosol clouds infusing with terrestrial radiation, and also spreading solar radiation. These phenomenon can last for up to three years, which contributes to climate variability.

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