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POV Video of Rocket Bomb Exploding Over Ukrainian Woman Caught in Russia’s Kyiv Airstrike Bombings Trends Worldwide

As the Ukraine vs Russia war continues to wreak havoc we have all seen the disturbing videos of how scary life is for people in those areas. However, it’s not often people see what it really feels like for people who are caught in the midst of airstrikes as they begin happening. Recently a Ukrainian woman posted a video showing the horror she went through when an airstrike bombing on Kyiv began happening as she was walking down the street.

Scary POV Video Recorded by Ukrainian Woman Caught in Russia Kyiv Airstrike Bombing as Rocket Flying Over Her Head Explodes Goes Viral

What would you do if you were walking down the street on a relatively peaceful day then heard the sounds and saw an explosion filling the air? That’s a situation most people hope they never have to experience, but for people in Ukraine that’s now a part of their everyday lives. In the sad video going viral a rocket bomb flies over a Ukrainian caught in the center of a Kyiv airstrike bombing. You can even see the orange glow of the flames from the explosion. In the footage she says, “My hands are trembling because I just saw a rocket flying. I heard it”.

In the very center of Kyiv earlier today

The Kyiv bombings claimed many innocent lives. On social media people were posting very emotional stories about people close to them who died.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine located along the Dnieper River. With a population of around 3 million people it is the seventh most populated city in Europe.

It’s really sad that these kinds of things are happening around the world for reasons that just seem petty. Hopefully this war comes to an end sooner that later, so innocent people don’t have to be in constant worry about their safety and wellbeing. Prayers up for all those affected by the Kyiv bombings.

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