Subaru Telescope Videos Showing Green Lasers Shot from Chinese DAQI-1 AEMS Satellite Under Investigation by Hawaii and Japan

Recently, astronomers in Japan and Hawaii have reported a strange occurrence over the Hawaiian islands. Footage captured by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s Subaru Telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii on January 28th allegedly shows what appears to be a Chinese satellite beaming down green lasers over the islands.

Information That Has Been Confirmed About the Chinese Satellite Shooting Green Lasers

Japanese and local astronomers have begun their investigation into the mysterious light. According to their research, the green lasers most likely came from China’s DAQI-1 AEMS satellite. AEMS satellites are used for a variety of purposes, such as topographical mapping and measuring various things in the atmosphere.

Advanced Ecosystem Monitoring Satellites (AEMS) use lasers to measure parameters like temperature, water vapor, and wind speed with greater accuracy than traditional methods. The satellites are equipped with a laser-based LIDAR system that emits a laser beam that is then reflected off of particles in the atmosphere. By measuring the time it takes for the laser to make a round-trip, the system calculates the density and temperature of the atmosphere.

AEMS satellites are also able to measure the wind speed, taking into account the time it takes for a particle to move between two points. This allows for more precise measurements that can be used to improve weather forecasting and other applications.

Conspiracy theorists are still convinced that China is using the AEMS satellites to spy on other countries. They believe that the green laser beam could have been part of a Chinese surveillance mission. However, there is no evidence to support those theories, but who knows what information is being withheld.

This whole situation seems like an “Alice in Borderland” episode coming to real life.

While the incident is concerning, it is highly possible that the green laser beams were just a part of a regular mission. Regardless of the cause, the footage captured by the Subaru Telescope has caused speculation and worry.

The investigation being conducted by the Japanese and Hawaiian astronomers is ongoing, so more details should come to light as time goes on.

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