Lately there has been many instances where big name athletes have uncharacteristically embarrassing moments after a match doesn’t go as planned. Not too long ago people witnessed Anthony Joshua’s meltdown after losing to Usyk for a second time. Now Nick Kyrgios has entered the chat, and some people feel he let down an entire continent.

Nick Kyrgios’ US Open Meltdown Breaking His Tennis Racket After Losing to Karen Khachanov Leads to Accusations of being a ‘National Embarrassment for Australia’

At the 2020 Australian Open held at John Cain Arena Nick Kyrgios beat Karen Khachanov in Round 3 after winning sets 1, 2, and 5. Two years later they met again, and the outcome was much different this time. In this go around the older more experienced version of Khachanov defeated Nick Kyrgios in the US Open Quarterfinal by winning sets 1, 3, and 5. After the match things took an unexpected turn that had the internet buzzing.

As you’ll see in the footage below Nick Kyrgios broke his racket by slamming it into the ground during a meltdown in front the world. On social media people from Australia reacted by calling him an embarrassment for the continent. Kyrgios is from Canberra, Australia.

As bad as his antics look, in some ways it’s actually good that he was so hurt by losing that he couldn’t control his anger. That’s a sign he really loves the game of tennis, especially considering how some people questioned his work ethic in the past.

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