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Anthony Edwards Picking Up Cole Anthony Like a Kid During Austin Rivers vs Mo Bamba Fight Goes Viral

A fight between Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba led to a massive brawl breaking out while they were playing a game at the Target Center. The altercation started when Mo Bamba ran off the bench and began to punch Austin Rivers. After the initial attack, Mo Bamba placed an MMA-style headlock on Austin Rivers and began choking him. The fight quickly escalated, with the crowd erupting into chaos.

Anthony Edwards Carrying Cole Anthony Away Like a Kid Goes Viral

Amidst the chaos, one player stepped in to help in the most hilarious way possible. After quickly running to the scene of the fight, Anthony Edwards picked up Cole Anthony, carrying him away from the crowd and the danger of the altercation. Many people feel that Edwards showed amazing athleticism and strength, while some are making jokes about Cole Anthony’s stature.

It was hilarious the way his legs were just kicking into the air. Pay close attention to the right hand side of the screen in the footage below.

The altercation between Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba was intense, but Anthony Edwards picking up Cole Anthony managed to be one of the most talked about aspects of the situation. Five players were ejected from the game, and could face fines and/or suspension.

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