Sad news shook up the sports world today when it was announced Adreian Payne is dead at 31 years old. The former Michigan State star was also a first round NBA Draft pick in 2014 who played for several teams including Hawks and Magic. The details surrounding how he died are just tragic.

Who Murdered Adreian Payne? Details About Lawrence Dority The Man Accused of Shooting Adreian Payne Dead

According to reports from Orange County’s Sherriff office Adreian Payne was shot dead this morning in Orlando Florida. Reports state a man named Lawrence Dority killed Adreian Payne, although the motive is still unknown. After Dority shot Adreian Payne he stayed at the scene with him until paramedics and police arrived. Payne was pronounced dead at the hospital.

What is Lawrence Dority Being Charged With?

Police reports state that Lawrence Dority is being charged with First Degree Murder. By definition this means investigators believe that the shooting was premediated, which means they feel Dority planned to murder Adreian Payne. Reports state that he was calmly talking to police when they arrived, before he was arrested and sent to jail.

Social Media Reacts to Adreian Payne Shot Dead by Remembering his Relationship with Lacey Holsworth

What’s so sad about this situation is that Adreian Payne seemed like the model of what an upstanding person should be. Most people remember him dedicating time to an 8 year old named Lacey Holsworth who was battling cancer. She passed away some time ago, so now hopefully they are together in heaven. Take a look at the message he wrote to her some years ago after she died, and also social media reactions to Adreian Payne’s murder.

Gun violence in America continues to be a major problem that seemingly no politician knows how to fix. Whether it’s mass shootings or a singular incident like Adreian Payne’s death, we hear about people losing their lives to guns just about everyday. In a way we have grown desensitized to it as a result.

RIP Adreian Payne, and prayers up for his family.

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