LaMelo Ball Reaction to Terry Rozier Ignoring LaMelo Ball During Hornets vs Pacers Play In Game Goes Viral

Hornets went into their Play-In game seemingly flatfooted as Pacers dominated them from the opening tip. At halftime the Hornets found themselves down 20+ points. Things would get worse in the third quarter when Terry Rozier activated tunnel vision powers.

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One of the funniest moments was when LaMelo Ball reacted to Terry Rozier ignoring him when he was wide open for a three point shot. In the video clip LaMelo Ball was jumping up and down hysterically, while waving his arms to no avail as Terry Rozier ignored LaMelo Ball anyway. To make things worse Terry Rozier slipped and fell under the basket throwing up a wild circus shot. It was another tragic moment at time when Terry Rozier was 0-8 from three and frustrated.

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The next time LaMelo Ball got the ball he launched a three very quickly after stepping past half court, possibly as a silent protest against what Terry Rozier did the possession before. At that point in time Terry Rozier had taken almost 3 times as many shots as LaMelo had taken all game.

Does Terry Rozier resent LaMelo Ball, and his true feelings are quietly coming out?

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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