Here is Why Derrick White Deactivated His Twitter Account After a Spurs Loss to Bucks. This is why Derrick White Deleted His Twitter Account After a Spurs Loss to Bucks

Derrick White deleted his twitter account after Spurs loss to Milwaukee Bucks. If you try to find his twitter handle “dwhite921” you’ll see Derrick White deactivated his twitter account. On Instagram Derrick White also changed his comment settings to limited, so only a group of people he chooses can comment on his posts.

Why Did Derrick White Deactivate His Twitter Account and Limit His Instagram Comments?

It was some disrespectful Spurs fans that made Derrick White delete his twitter account. In Spurs loss to Milwaukee Bucks, Derrick White had a bad game shooting 3-14 from the field and 0-8 from three point land. This led to Spurs fans clowning him on twitter with some very offensive comments. Then today Derrick White deactivated his twitter account.

Derrick White’s twitter account now says “Does not exist”.

Derrick White Deactivated Deleted His Twitter Account After a Spurs Loss to Bucks. Derrick White deleted Twitter account

These are options Instagram gives you when limit your comments like Derrick White did. All the options except the default “everyone” can stop people from leaving offensive comments on your posts.

Derrick White limits Instagram posts after deactivating his twitter account

It’s honestly surprising that Spurs fans were this mean to Derrick White considering he was coming back from an injury, and a bout with COVID-19. Sometimes people ignore context when they want to attack someone’s character.

Hopefully Derrick White will reactivate his Twitter someday, because the fans who appreciate his effort on the basketball court would love to be able to still interact with him on social media.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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