Video Aftermath of Rapper 'OG YD' Shot and Killed On San Diego California Highway

Rapper “OG YD” was shot and killed in San Diego. Video aftermath shows OG YD’s dead body lying beside his white Dodge Charger. Reports say OG YD was murdered on the San Diego freeway.

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In the video footage it appears police were giving “OG YD” CPR, and compressing his chest to attempt keeping him alive until an ambulance came. However, you can see his body was completely lifeless. The woman who was in the car with him was so emotional she wouldn’t let the police come near her.

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OG YD was really starting to make a name for himself on the rap scene. One of his most well know hits was “Came from Nothin”. OG YD’s death is added to list of many rappers who have died untimely due to highway shootings in recent months. There are still no motives on why OG YD was shot dead.

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RIP “OG YD”, and pray for his family through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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