Wiz Khalifa trends for the strangest reasons these days. Just a few weeks his strange fashion choice of wearing underwear in the gym while working out sparked a beef between him and Gillie The Kid. Now he’s going viral again except this time it was due to a message he posted on Twitter.

Is Wiz Khalifa a Cuckold? Wiz Khalifa’s Tweet about Women Sparks Conspiracy Theories

In recent Twitter post it was revealed that Wiz Khalifa likes getting bossed around by women. Naturally the first thought that came to people’s mind was a theory that Wiz Khalifa is a cuckold. Many people believe men who live the cuckold lifestyle have an urge to be dominated by a woman. In the tweet Khalifa wrote “I like being bossed around by chicks for some reason”.

Here’s Wiz Khalifa working out in his underwear. Gillie the Kid was banned from IG for talking about this video.

Some people believe that Wiz Khalifa’s seemingly strange behavior is the late stage after effects of dating Amber Rose. People point out how much has changed since that relationship.

Nevertheless the world now knows that Wiz Khalifa likes to be dominated by women. Perhaps a dominatrix would be the perfect match for him.

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