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Why Did Fake Drake Get Banned from Instagram?

They say every human being on earth has a doppelganger somewhere out there in the world. Most people have seen at least one person that looks like them throughout their lives. In some rare instances when a person looks exactly like a celebrity it can lead to them becoming slightly famous as is the case with the fake Drake impersonator. However, it can also lead to trouble on social media as well.

Why Did Fake Drake Impersonator Get Banned from Instagram?

Today a report went viral that fake Drake was banned from Instagram. It’s alleged that Instagram officials laid the hammer down, because he violated their impersonation policy. Both Facebook and Instagram have very strict policies when it comes to impersonating other people. The fake Drake looks more like Drizzy than the actual Drake does, but he may have taken things a bit too far.

Fake Drake literally copied everything about Drake’s persona. He has the same beard, heart shape cut into his hair, and even wears the same clothes. Of course he already naturally had the basics like the same skin tone, face shape, and body structure. Many people on Instagram used to legitimately think that he was the real Drake at times. Some people feel it was the real Drake that complained about it, which led to Instagram banning his fake Drake impersonator. It’s even alleged that the fake Drake was making a good amount of money by stealing his image.

Here is a picture of the real Drake before he had the braids.

Real Drake

Now here is the fake Drake with the same outfit on, he even poses like the real Drizzy.

Fake Drake

Comparing them side by side really puts things in perspective.

It looks like the fake Drake is going to need a new career, because the social media powers that be have spoken and they are not having it anymore.

Many people felt it was a bit sad seeing a man go this far impersonating another man, because it wreaked of having no self dignity, but hey you can’t knock the hustle. Who knows maybe now he will move onto impersonating Nav.

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