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Social Media Reacts to Pusha T at US Open 2022 by Thinking of Drake

There aren’t many legendary athletes alive with more star power than Serena Williams. She is to tennis what Lebron James is to basketball. When she is in action it’s considered a once in a lifetime type of event that you can’t take for granted. Naturally when she’s in a matchup the biggest stars and most unlikely legends show to up watch. A perfect example was how Pusha T pulled up to the US Open.

Social Media Reacts to Pusha T at US Open 2022 with Thoughts about Drake

Pusha T is a hip-hop legend that most people wouldn’t expect to see at a tennis tournament. Naturally, when he pulled up to the US Open he had the internet buzzing. On social media people reacted to Pusha T at the US Open with some hilarious jokes about random the situation is, and of course some mentions of Drake.

Despite all the jokes it really just looked like Pusha T was there enjoying the atmosphere of the event, and taking it all in. His interest in Tennis might be a secret part of his personality that people didn’t know about. The fans there definitely treated him a lot better than Ben Simmons.

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