There aren’t many legendary athletes alive with more star power than Serena Williams. She is to tennis what Lebron James is to basketball. When she is in action it’s considered a once in a lifetime type of event that you can’t take for granted. Naturally when she’s in a matchup the biggest stars and most unlikely legends show to up watch. A perfect example was how Pusha T pulled up to the US Open.

Social Media Reacts to Pusha T at US Open 2022 with Thoughts about Drake

Pusha T is a hip-hop legend that most people wouldn’t expect to see at a tennis tournament. Naturally, when he pulled up to the US Open he had the internet buzzing. On social media people reacted to Pusha T at the US Open with some hilarious jokes about random the situation is, and of course some mentions of Drake.

Despite all the jokes it really just looked like Pusha T was there enjoying the atmosphere of the event, and taking it all in. His interest in Tennis might be a secret part of his personality that people didn’t know about. The fans there definitely treated him a lot better than Ben Simmons.

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