Former NBA star Darius Morris has the sports world in a frenzy after security camera footage of a domestic dispute in his home was released on social media by his girlfriend. He currently plays for the Santa Cruz Warriors in G-league. Darius Morris allegedly beat up his girlfriend Kris Dreamz unconscious, according to her claims. Darius Morris allegedly knocked out his girlfriend Kris Dreamz for cheating. However, she denies being unfaithful and claims he is wrongly accusing her. In fact she alleges that he betrayed her.


Kris Dreamz posted the short security cam video on Instagram that doesn’t show much due to the angle, but you can hear both their voices. She can be heard calling loudly for help. She also posted pictures of her face very swollen from the ordeal.

NBA Star Darius Morris Knocks Out His Girlfriend Kris Dreamz For Cheating In Viral Security Camera Video. Darius Morris beat up his girlfriend Kris Dreamz unconscious.

If you’re a Lakers fan, then you will definitely remember Darius Morris. He had some big games for them in the playoffs in 2013.

Hopefully she can make a full recovery from her injuries. Kris Dreamz stated in the messages she wrote about the incident that she is pressing charges. However, she said he is only facing misdemeanor charges, because no bones were broken. She called out New York State laws for not caring about crimes of this nature.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff