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Angry Nets Fan Throws Trash Cup Onto Court Spilling Ice Everywhere to Stop Luka Doncic from Destroying Brooklyn

Nets have had a rough season so far, losing all their games except one. In some ways they are basically the Lakers of the Eastern Conference so far this season. During their latest matchup with the Mavericks things got hectic in overtime when some Nets fans apparently became fed up with what was happening to their team on the basketball court.

Why Did a Nets Fan Throw a Cup Full of Ice Onto the Court During Brooklyn vs Mavericks?

Things were looking up for Brooklyn when Ben Simmons got a steal, and Durant sent the game into overtime with a thunderous dunk. However, within the first few minutes of overtime Nets found themselves down 9 points as Luka Doncic kept finding his open teammates off the double teams. After Luka scored tough basket over Yuta Watanabe who played more minutes than usual, it seemed Nets fan had enough, and went to drastic measures to halt the game.

As you’ll see in the strange footage below an angry Nets fan threw a cup full of ice onto the court, which halted the game for several minutes as cleanup crews tried their best fix the situation. Apparently the cup came from the cheap seats way up in the arena. It’s not clear if they found out, which fan did the trash throwing.

It’s surprising the Nets fan throwing trash onto the court didn’t happen after Ben Simmons’ air-ball layup.


Nets fans throwing trash onto the court as Luka Doncic destroyed their team is a moment that perfectly conveys how disastrous this season has been for the Nets so far. It’s ironic the Nets fan threw the cup while Durant was taking a free throw, because that could of caused him to miss.

How long will it take before the Nets give into the KD’s offseason request, and fire Steve Nash? Or will they turn things around, and finish the season strong as constructed? Right now they look even worse than last season just like the Lakers.