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This Angle Has People Convinced Dillon Brooks Intentionally Low Blow Hit Donovan Mitchell’s Groin Balls

During the recent battle between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Memphis Grizzlies, Dillon Brooks made a play that has caused controversy among NBA fans. In the play, Brooks rolled onto the floor and appeared to look at Donovan Mitchell before hitting him in the balls, which lead to a massive fight. Now speculation has begun as to whether or not the play was dirty.

Did Dillon Brooks Intentionally Low Blow Donovan Mitchell in His Balls Before the Fight Started?

This action has sparked a debate among basketball fans, with some believing that it was an intentional groin shot while others believe it was an accident. After the game, Mitchell spoke out about the play, saying “The NBA has to do something about it.” This statement has caused even more controversy among fans.

The incident between these two competitors has been brewing for some time according to Mitchell’s testimony. During the game, the two were seen exchanging words, and Mitchell seemed to be getting frustrated by Brooks’ overly aggressive defense. After the game, Mitchell said that if Brooks “can’t guard him,” he should “ask for a switch” instead of getting frustrated.

The controversy over Brooks’ play has caused some to question whether the low blow was intentional, or simply an accident. On one hand, Brooks did seem to glance at Mitchell before hitting him, implying that he might have known Mitchell was there. The angle seen in the footage below seems to confirm that he had to have known where Mitchell before doing a spinning backfist to his groin, but it also could be a huge coincidence. Considering Brooks’ history with what happened against the Warriors during the playoffs, not many people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Donovan Mitchell was really talking that talk at the post game presser.

The NBA has yet to make a decision on the matter, but it is clear that some fans believe it was an intentional hit. The incident between Mitchell and Brooks serves as a reminder of the physicality of the game, and the need for players to remain mindful of their actions. Accidents do happen, but it is up to the NBA to determine whether or not Brooks’ low blow on Donovan Mitchell was premeditated.