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Molly Qerim Crying About Jalen Rose Depression On First Take Was a Truly Heartbreaking Moment

It’s not often you see real emotion flow through on sports talk shows, but a very sad moment happened on First Take during a segment about the ongoing issues with athletes suffering depression. As they were discussing Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the US Open, the legendary Molly Qerim started crying about Jalen Rose’s battle with depression that not many people know about. She also revealed that she lost some family members to similar issues.

As Molly Qerim cried she revealed the hardest part about Jalen Rose’s depression for her is the fact that sometimes she doesn’t know how to help him. She says the pain of feeling “shut out” from his mental battles hurts her deeply. The most shocking part of her message was the fact that Molly Qerim lost 5 family members to depression in this year alone.

Take a look at the emotional moment.

The core of the conversation was whether or not athletes should be required to speak to the media. For athletes battling depression or similar mental issues it’s now well known that the media can exasperate things. We all remember the Kyrie Irving media blackout at the beginning of the season when he was trying to get right mentally. The media was one of the main reasons Naomi Osaka removed herself from the US Open.

Depression is real, and is very deadly. Prayers up for Molly Qerim’s family, Jalen Rose, and all the people out there who are suffering from this plague.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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