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Warriors Fans Celebrating Anthony Davis’ Ankle Injury in Twitter Spaces Chat Goes Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled off a crucial win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night, but not everyone was happy for them. A video clip that has gone viral on social media shows a group of Warriors fans in a Twitter Spaces voice chat celebrating the moment Anthony Davis injured his ankle in the third quarter of the game.

The clip, which was posted by a Lakers fan account, captures the audio of several Warriors fans reacting to Davis falling down and clutching his ankle in pain after landing awkwardly on a layup attempt. One fan can be heard saying “Down goes AD” with glee, while others laugh and cheer. The clip has been viewed over 2 million times and has sparked outrage among Lakers fans and other NBA fans who condemned the Warriors fans for their lack of sportsmanship and empathy.

The Warriors and the Lakers have been rivals for years, especially since the Warriors dominated the Western Conference in the late 2010s and won three championships in four years. The Lakers, meanwhile, struggled to make the playoffs until they acquired Davis and LeBron James, who led them to their 17th title in 2020. This season, both teams are fighting for playoff spots, with the Lakers currently in seventh place and the Warriors in 6th, but both only a losing streak away from possibly missing the playoffs.

Davis, who has been dealing with injuries throughout the season, was having a monster game against the Timberwolves before he hurt his ankle. He still finished with 38 points and 17 rebounds, leading the Lakers to a 123-111 victory that moved them above .500 for the first time this season. The Lakers are now 17-4 when he takes 25 or more field goal attempts.

Davis said after the game that he was feeling fine and that his ankle was not a serious issue. He praised his teammates for stepping up their defense in the second half and holding the Timberwolves to 46 points after they scored 65 in the first half. He also thanked the Lakers fans for their support, and said he was looking forward to the next game.

The video clip of the Warriors fans celebrating Davis’ injury has drawn criticism from many who say that it was disrespectful and classless to celebrate someone’s misfortune. They also said that it was foolish to underestimate Davis and the Lakers, who have proven their resilience and talent time and time again. They urged the Warriors fans to show more respect and compassion for their opponents, especially when they are dealing with injuries that could affect their careers.

The Lakers will face the Houston Rockets on Sunday, while the Warriors will take on the Nuggets. Both teams are hoping to secure their playoff berths and avoid the play-in tournament that will determine the final two seeds in each conference. If Lakers and Warriors meet the in the playoffs it’s definitely going to be personal for Los Angeles fans.

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