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Yordenis Ugas Literally Beat Manny Pacquiao Into Retirement and Here is the Proof

An August 21, 2021 the seemingly ageless 42 year old Manny Pacquiao took the ring to fight the 35 year old Yordenis Ugas. He was the backup challenge after Errol Spence had another freak accident, and suffered a detached retina. What people thought would be an easy match for the seasoned legend, became the day his age would catch to him fast, or maybe it was just life.

Yordenis Ugas Beat Manny Pacquiao into Retirment

Today Manny Pacquiao retired from boxing with an open letter to his fans. It came after he got dominated by Yordenis Ugas, but blamed his poor performance on catching leg cramps. During his post match interview he said he wasn’t sure if he would retire, but now it appears the decision as been made. In his retirement message Manny Pacquiao wrote,

To the greatest fans and the greatest sport in the world, thank you! Thank you for all the wonderful memories. This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made, but I’m at peace with it. Chase your dreams, work hard, and watch what happens. Good bye boxing.

Although he claimed to think he would have won if he didn’t catch leg cramps, the overall vibe of Manny Pacquiao’s demeanor seemed to convey he didn’t want to take anymore punishment inside the boxing ring. He really took some bad damage in his final match.

In the one sided fight Yordenis Ugas hit Manny Pacquiao with 59% of his power shots. Manny Pacquiao seemed to have trouble moving side to side, which corroborates with his leg cramp claim. Yordenis Ugas would win the match by unanimous decision with 115-113, 116-112, 116-112 scores.

Manny Pacquiao’s Retirement Message to Fans

Being the humble person he is, Pacquiao’s retirement rant focused on fans. He reminded them how important they were to his success.

Manny Pacquiao retiring from box is one of the saddest boxing moments in recent times. His first fight was in 2001 when he jumped weight classes, and knocked out Lehlo Ledwabba. It has been 20 years since then, and he is still dominating. For example back in 2019 Manny Pacquiao became the oldest welterweight world champion in history at the age of 40.

It’s so sad that it seems Yordenis Ugas beat Manny Pacquiao into retirement.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff