Sore loser Jayson Tatum dissed NBA Bubble competition after failing to make the Finals during the NBA Bubble playoffs.

In a viral interview Jayson Tatum joked about players who performed out of their minds during the NBA Bubble, but probably wouldn’t have done so under normal circumstances. He likened the NBA Bubble to going into a empty gym and hooping for fun. In essence Jayson Tatum is saying the NBA Bubble’s competition level was weak.

When you hear what he says in the video above it brings up the million dollar questions. If it was easier to perform at high level in the NBA Bubble why didn’t Jayson Tatum raise his level of play in the same environment? If competition was easier during the NBA Bubble why didn’t Jayson Tatum lead the Celtics to the finals in that environment?

Now let’s listen to Jayson Tatum after Heat eliminated the Celtics in the NBA Bubble playoffs.

The answer to those glaring questions may be that Jayson Tatum is being a sore loser. If you couldn’t make the Finals in an easier environment, it basically means Jayson Tatum is insinuating Celtics would have been a first or second round exit under normal circumstances last season.

It was really sad to hear Jayson Tatum talking like this after he failed woefully in the NBA Bubble playoffs last season.

Author: JordanThrilla