Kwame Brown Punks Out Hassan Campbell During Confrontation Live On His 'Bust Life' Podcast

The “I’m Living a Bust Life” podcast got heated when Kwame Brown confronted Hassan Campbell about the comments he made about him. It basically turned into a session where Kwame Brown punks out Hassan Campbell for saying his name for no warranted reason.

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Some time ago Hassan Campbell dissed Kwame Brown telling people to not compare him to an NBA player. He claimed that he was responding to Kwame Brown mentioning his name, which actually never happened. Kwame Brown asked him “why are you speaking about me as if you know me”. The tense situation ended with Hassan Campbell apologizing to Kwame Brown.

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Their confrontation didn’t end there, because next Kwame Brown called out Hassan Campbell for promoting lifestyle that would put his family in danger.

In the NBA Kwame Brown was never that skilled of a player, but in retirement his skills at calling out people’s bs is unmatched.

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His podcast continues to be one of the most entertaining you can watch on YouTube. This confrontation was epitome of the old saying “Pop s**t and apologize”.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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