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Video Of Drunk Knicks Fan Angry At Trae Young After His Game 5 Bow Is Filled with Raw Emotions

The heated series between Hawks and Knicks where a fan spit on Trae Young came to an end in the most poetic way. During the game after making a clutch three in Reggie Bullock’s face Trae Young bowed in Madison Square Garden to disrespect Knicks fans. The fallout from that moment has been tremendous as a new video shows drunk Knicks fans angry at Trae Young.

Some the Knicks fans threatened Trae Young, some compared him to their private parts, some just cursed his name, and all had emotional pain written across their faces. New Yorkers are truly mad at the basketball ether that took place.

Knicks fans probably have this footage of Trae Young bowing at Madison Square Garden replaying over and over in their nightmares.

Even thought it ended on sour note, Knicks fans should consider the season a big success. Julius Randle emerged, Derrick Rose showed he can be a consistent scoring boost, their young players performed well, and they made the playoffs. The future is bright, except when Trae Young is in town.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff