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Is Doc Rivers Gay? Here’s Why People Don’t Believe Doc Rivers’ was Hacked when His Twitter Account Liked Transgender Adult Film Stars

Doc Rivers is caught up in a very strange situation, but he’s saying he had nothing to do with it. Apparently Doc Rivers’ Twitter account got hacked, but before he claimed his account was compromised it liked a bunch of adult content that was mostly transgender female related. Now people on social media are wondering if he was really hacked due to a certain strange aspects of how the likes happened.

Is Doc Rivers Gay? Details on Why People Don’t Believe Doc Rivers Liking Transgender Adult Film Stars on His Twitter Account was Result of a Hack

This strange situation began to unfold back in late August when the Twitter account of Doc Rivers liked transgender adult films, and other mature content. A report would later come out that Doc Rivers claimed his twitter account got hacked, and had Sixers staff help him unlike content. It seemed like he was taking the angle of not knowing how to like and unlike content to make it seem more believable that his Twitter account was hacked. However, many people on social media believe that Doc Rivers was not hacked, and actually likes transgender women for two reasons.

Firstly people believe that the timeline of his likes indicate he might not have known his likes were public. The likes happened over the span of a few days, rather than over the course of few hours like what has been seen in similar situations of the past with compromised Twitter accounts. Additionally people are convinced that if he was hacked the people behind it would have liked more than just a few posts. Essentially people are insinuating they believe that Doc Rivers is gay. However, it does really seem like he was hacked, but you be the judge of that. Take a look.

In this image it appeared either the hackers or Doc Rivers liked trans woman Olivia Jade.

NBCS John Clark reported that he was notified that Doc Rivers’ twitter was hacked, and he learned of the likes via a friend.

As aforementioned many people on social media think Doc Rivers is lying about getting hacked.