9 years ago the phrase “How Sway”, and a legendary gif was born when Kanye West had a disagreement over a suggestion Sway gave him about his journey in the sneaker industry. Now with the looming legal battle over his brand things have shifted towards what Sway was trying to tell him back then, and social media is loving that Kanye West is acknowledging that fact.

Kanye West Admitting Sway was Right 9 Years After the ‘How Sway’ Incident Sends Social Media into a Frenzy

When Lonzo Ball was coming into the NBA, Lavar Ball did the unthinkable and independently created his own shoe brand to empower his son and circumvent big corporations like Nike. They were able to successfully release a quality Big Baller Brand basketball shoe that still can be purchased today. 9 years ago when the Yeezy brand was still up and coming to the status it is today, Sway asked Yeezy why he doesn’t empower himself by selling his brand directly to consumers instead of through Adidas.

At the time Kanye West thought that was impossible, which led to his viral response where he said “How Sway, you don’t have the answers”. With the recent legal battles Kanye West is having over how GAP is allegedly is stealing his brand ideas via their partnership, he’s looking back with the clarity of hindsight. In a recent Good Morning America interview Kanye West admitted Sway had the answers 9 years later.

Take a look the viral video, and some reactions.

For reference here is that entire Sway Interview.

The reality is Sway had the answer, but his answer was ahead of it’s time. 9 years ago Kanye West likely didn’t have the business infrastructure and wealth to properly go through the legal process of disconnecting from Adidas, and going independent. Now he has the tools and connections to make this happen, and it seems he’s pretty confident his legal battle will be a success.

If Kanye West manages to sell Yeezy brand directly to consumers his profit margin would increase drastically, and he would likely build wealth that rivals people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Remember Kanye is a billionaire from Yeezy brand already, and he’s actually only getting a fraction of the revenue his brand brings in yearly.

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