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LL Cool J Refuses to Say DJ Akademiks’ Name While Responding to His Hip-Hop Pioneers Are ‘Dusty and Broke’ Comment

When DJ Akademiks is trending on social media it’s usually because he said something that really grinded the gears of a rapper. In this situation he said some strange things about Hip-hop pioneers who are not quite as wealthy as should be considering the way they are respected. His comments led to LL Cool J speaking out, and trying to clarify the misconception DJ Akademiks promoted with his critique.

LL Cool J Refuses to Say DJ Akademiks’ Name While Responding to Him Saying Hip-Hop Pioneers Are ‘Dusty’ and ‘Broke’

According to DJ Akademiks a Hip-hop pioneer can’t be considered culturally relevant if they don’t have the wealth and lifestyle image to back it up. In his own words most of the older legends people revere in hip-hop are ‘dusty’ and ‘broke’. His comments promote the perception that business acumen and swag plays an important role in determining the level of impact someone had on hip-hop culture. It’s almost like DJ Akademiks is saying you have to be a Jay Z or Kanye level of wealthy or your impact wasn’t that great.

LL Cool J wasn’t about to sit back, and let those words slide without chiming in with the wise thoughts on his mind. His message was simple don’t confuse someone’s ability to get money, or lack thereof with the impact they had on hip-hop culture. Although he isn’t a rapper a good example would be Bobby Brown. Although Bobby Brown was broke at one point in time and isn’t wealthy now that doesn’t diminish the fact that he’s probably the most legendary black RnB/Pop artist of the 80s and 90s besides Michael Jackson.

In his response LL Cool J refused to say DJ Akademiks’ name, which insinuated he was passive aggressively implying he isn’t even worth mentioning.

In DJ Akademiks full statement regarding old rappers aka hip-hop pioneers he said, “them old rappers man, them n*****, have you seen any of these old rappers who be like they’re the foundation of hip-hop really living good? Them n***** be looking really dusty I kid you not. Every time it’s an old old n**** talking about hip-hop you be like yo bro you sure you invented this, because everybody is living better than you, facts”.

Admittedly a lot of older rappers don’t appear to be very wealthy so he technically isn’t lying in that regard, but he’s wrong in insinuating that determines their cultural impact.

On a side note LL Cool J’s age is definitely starting show on his face, which shows how fast time is flying by. Do you consider him a hip-hop pioneer?

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