Nashville Crip Rapper Chief True aka Callen Williams is Suicidal in Jail With Death Threats From Gang Members

Back in January Nashville Crip Rapper Chief True was arrested are firing a gun inside an apartment complex, then aiming that same gun at cops. Now rumors are saying Chief True is on verge of suicide in jail, because gang members inside the complex don’t respect his alleged Crip status, and he doesn’t like the jailhouse rules. It’s alleged many gang members at the prison have warned security not put Chief True in a cell with them, because they will harm him.

Chief True Attempts Suicide

The fist incident described was where Chief True wasn’t allowed use a phone after his rec time was over. When security offered him a tablet instead he began crying and cursing them out. That led to Chief True smashing his head against concrete walls saying he was going try and kill himself. He was subsequently place on Level 2 Suicide Watch where had to be kept in a padded safe room. This led to even more problems, because inmates have take off all their clothes before going into the safe room. Chief True refused to remove his clothing. The incident ended with Chief True being kept in a restraining chair for hours after being stripped of his clothing. Sounds almost like that 007 scene.

Gang Members Threaten Chief True’s Life

When Chief True was being moved back to a new cell from the restraining chair, Security guards noted the gang members started beating on the glass windows of the hallways yelling death threats towards Chief True. It was reported that the gang members specifically warned security of bad things happening if they placed him in their cells. Luckily for him the officers decided for the safety of his own life that he cannot be kept around other inmates. He will be held in a special holding cell for the remainder of his time there.

All in all, it just goes to show that Chief True faked being tough, and until things got really real. Now he’s living in a nightmare in jail around people he was trying to be like when he was free man. This is what Tekashi 6IX9INE avoided by snitching.

Author: JordanThrilla

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