Home News ‘Real Water’ Brand Alkalized Water Allegedly Causes Liver Failure

‘Real Water’ Brand Alkalized Water Allegedly Causes Liver Failure

Alkalized Water from “Real Water” brand has allegedly been linked to liver failure in multiple cases across Nevada. There are many more people who got severely sick after drinking the same water.

The Victims of “Real Water” Brand Alkaline Water So Far

The first reported victims who suffered liver failure consist of five people all of which are infants and children. The other victims who experienced symptoms including nausea and vomiting included adults. Upon investigation by the FDA the common bond between all the cases was that they consumed “Real Water” Branded Alkalized water.

'Real Water' Brand Alkalized Water Allegedly Causes Liver Failure

The Ramifications of “Real Water” Alkaline Water Causing Liver Failure and Sickness

FDA has officially instructed all retailers and restaurants not serve, drink, sell, or cook with “Real Water” brand. They are still unable to confirm what the water is contaminated with. It’s also being reported that a person from Las Vegas has filed a massive lawsuit against the “Real Water” company. Essentially this situation could put them out of business.

If you come across “Real Water” brand make sure to not drink it, or you could end up in the hospital too.

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