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TikTok Video of Dumpster Diving at Whole Foods Sparks Accusations of Whole Foods Not Helping Homeless People

Whole Foods is trending for all the wrong reasons after a TikTok revealed their wasteful food habits. At a time when many homeless people are going hungry, it’s always strange to see perfectly good food being thrown away for seemingly no good reason. This the core of why a video by TikTok user Dumpsterdivingfreegan exposing Whole Foods is going viral.

TikTok Video of Dumpster Diving at Whole Foods Sparks Accusations of Whole Foods Wasting Food that Could Feed Homeless People

In the viral TikTok video Dumpsterdivingfreegan displays a smorgasbord of perfectly good products she found while Dumpster Diving at Whole Foods. The items included things like organic Turkey, Beyond Meat, organic chicken, organic beef, fruits, vegetables, and many more items.

All the items were thrown in dumpster well before the “best by” date. The TikToker claims she has never seen the items discounted by Whole Foods, as you see most other grocery stores doing when items are coming closer to their expiration date, or need to sold quickly for other reasons.

The Dumpster diving footage has led to people accusing Whole Foods of not helping homeless people. Many people are shocked that so much good food that Whole Foods could have donated to charity is being thrown away.

If you’ve ever volunteered to work at a homeless shelter then you know that stores donate food that is close to expiration, which is then immediately cooked and served to many hungry people waiting to eat a decent meal at Food Kitchens.

In the comments of the video you could see one person says,

“What WF is this. This should not be happening, they have all things in place for donation local to them.”

In Dumpsterdivingfreegan’s Dumpster Diving TikTok video exposing Whole Foods, she points out that her collection of items is all from searching through trash at one location during one night. Whole Foods has 476 stores open around the United States. Just imagine how much food is being wasted is you multiply everything seen in that video by 476.

This could be more proof that if corporations really wanted they could easily solve the world’s hunger problems.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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