Video of an Isosceles Triangle UFO Sighting in Shanghai China Has The Internet Spooked

Another day and another UFO sighting has the people around the world buzzing. A viral video shows an Isosceles triangle UFO floating in Shanghai China. This time the footage wasn’t grainy, and you could clearly see something strange was happening in the sky.

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The Isosceles Triangle UFO sighting in Shanghai China was peculiar not only because of the shape, but it also briefly changed colors. One video proved that there was no lights shining from the ground that could of have caused the aerial phenomena. The onlookers were in fear, which could be proof that this wasn’t a fake.

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Here is the video proving there was no device on the ground that could have caused an illusion in the sky.

The Isosceles Triangle UFO sighting in Shanghai China could be the closest to high definition footage we have seen of what appears to be an alien spaceship.

What else could cause a shadow that big in the sky without making a sound?

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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