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Sad Video Shows Dead Bodies and People Receiving CPR after Stampede During Halloween Party in Itaewon Seoul South Korea

When some people see celebrities in real life they often times loose all sense of reality with the rush of excitement it brings to try getting close to them. When you have a bunch of people in a small space this can lead to dangerous situations. Unfortuantely during a Halloween Party in South Korea a massive stampede broke out that has led to many deaths.

What Started the Halloween Party Stampede in Seoul South Korea?

According to reports emergency services in South Korea have confirmed there are at least 120 people dead from the stampede that happened during a Hallowen Party in Itaewon Seoul South Korea. The crowd of around 100,000 people had packed into a small street near Hamilton Hotel after they learned that a celebrity was in the area. The victims allegedly include small children.

Footage Shows Dead Bodies and People Receiving CPR after Stampede at Halloween Party in Itaewon Seoul South Korea

A tragic video shows medical personel admistering CPR to people on the ground in the aftermath of the chaos that ensued. In the footage you can see what appears to be dead bodies, unless they were unconscious. When the stampede broke out there were reportedly people trying climb walls to escape getting crushed. Live News coverage in South Korea showed ambulances and police cars as far as the eye can see as part of their continued effort to get the situation under control, and save as many lives as possible. Sadly they are expecting current death toll of around 120 to continue to rise as they identify more victims.

What Do the Yellow and Blue Blankets Mean in the Halloween Stampede Aftermath Videos from South Korea?

It’s alleged that in some videos you can see people covered in yellow or blue blankets. According to rumors the yellow represents people who were injured, while the blue presumably indicates a person who is deceased. The name of celebrity that people were rushing to see has not been released yet.

Sad situations like these convey how lost society can be sometimes when it comes to celebrities. Some many deaths all allegedly caused by people disregarding the safety of themselves and others just to get close to another human being that is famous. Prayers up for everyone affected by this tragic incident.

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