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It’s become common place to hear the success stories of women who were living ordinary lives before joining the OnlyFans platform. With the power of their looks OnlyFans enables these women to give themselves a quality of life the most people dream of. In the latest incredible success story is a woman named Elsa Thora, who went from being broke to being a rich at 19 year old in the span of a few months.

Elsa Thora OnlyFans Leak? How a 19 Year Old Ex-Waitress Elsa Thora Bought $250K House After Starting OnlyFans Page

Elsa Thora was once a 19 year old who was struggling to make ends meet making about $20K per year as a waitress. Her situation became worse during the lockdown when her work hours started to dwindle. As her bank account continue to deplete Elsa had to think quickly of way that could make her some consistent income without having to find a job.

Image Credit: Elsa Thora TikTok

After some brainstorming the young woman from Sweden decided her best bet was to start an OnlyFans page to make adult videos for people who were willing to pay to watch. She used her TikTok pages @elsathorax and @elsathoraxo to promote her OnlyFans page, which quickly made her subscriber base grow. Within only 1 year of opening her OnlyFans Else Thora makes $20K month.

If you do the math her yearly income is around $240K a year, which is a 1100% increase from what she was making as a waitress. With her new found OnlyFans income the 19 year old Elsa Thora bought a $250K home in Yorkshire. The large estate reportedly has three bedrooms among with other luxury amenities. Not bad for a woman who is now only 20 years old.

Some people feel that an Elsa Thora OnlyFans leak is on the horizon since her story has gone viral worldwide. In the past once these types of success stories garner attention a leak of some kind often follows, but hopefully that doesn’t happen in this situation. If Elsa Thora’s OnlyFans leaked it would hinder the amount of income she makes, and no one deserves that.

OnlyFans was once looked at as the type of platform that would be a considered a ‘dirty secret’ for most people that used it. The stigma that went along with it was similar to the stigma that Adult Film stars get. Now OnlyFans is looked at as a respectable form of empowerment, especially for women.

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