In America it has become common place to see black men get murdered by cops for the most petty reasons. In many of these the cases the black man isn’t armed with weapon, isn’t in a position that could threaten the cop, or is shot while his back his turned. Sadly a case like that may have happened in Houston.

Why Did Houston Police Officer Garrett Hardin Shoot Unarmed Black Man Roderick Brooks For Stealing $1 Detergent from Dollar General Allegedly?

A sad video shows what might be a blatant case of police murdering a black man for not just reason. According to reports Houston Police responded to a report of a 47 year old man named Roderick Brooks shoplifting at a Houston Dollar General. It’s not clear what occurred when police arrived, but Roderick Brooks started running from the cop pursuing him. Things went left after police already had him down on the ground subdued.

While he was down on the ground Roderick Brooks grabbed the police’s taser, but his arm wasn’t in a position where he could do anything with it in terms of harming the cop. Still yet the cop warned him that he was going to shoot if he didn’t drop the taser. Then for seemingly no reason the Houston Police officer shot unarmed Roderick Brooks in his head while he laying face down.

The saddest part about this situation is that the Houston cop shot an unarmed black man that stole $1 dollar detergent from the Dollar General. Essentially the man’s life was taken over $1, and he wasn’t even in a position that could have possibly made the cop feel threatened enough to fire his weapon based on the footage.

Who is the Police Officer Who Shot Roderick Brooks in his Head?

According to reports it has been confirmed it was Sgt. Garrett Hardin who shot Roderick Brooks in his head. The incident actually occurred back on July 8, but the body camera footage was just recently released after request from Brooks’ family members.

Did Roderick Brooks taking Garrett Hardin’s taser warrant him being shot in head execution style? Most people would agree it clearly didn’t since the cop clearly had the situation under control before firing his weapon, but what will the court say when this goes to trial?

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