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Did Hutch the Jeweler Snitch? Conspiracy Theory On Why Dan Hutchinson aka ‘Hutch the Jeweler’ Was Murdered Explained

Sad news hit the social media airwaves recently after it was announced the legendary Dan Hutchinson aka ‘Hutch the Jeweler’ is dead at 47 years old. Hutch became famous for donning rappers with the best ‘Buffs’, which are Cartier Glasses. In fact many people believed that if you didn’t get your Cartier Glasses from Hutch they were probably fake. Dan Hutchinson was man who was loved by many, and seemed to be hated by none, so who wanted him dead and why? In this article we’ll discuss a viral conspiracy theory about why Hutch the Jeweler was murdered.

Who Killed Hutch the Jeweler? Details about Dan Hutchinson’s Death

According to reports Dan Hutchinson aka ‘Hutch the Jeweler’ was shot and killed during an ambush in Detroit’s Oak Park. Viral photos from the crime scene, which you can see below show Hutch’s SUV riddled with bullet holes. Based on police reports there is not much known about the motive, which has led to a conspiracy theory based on allegations about Hutch the Jeweler’s past. Before we explain take a look at these viral crime scene photos circulating around social media.

Did Dan Hutchinson aka ‘Hutch the Jeweler’ Snitch? Details About the Hutch the Jeweler Death Conspiracy Theory and How it Relates to the FEDS

According to a viral rumor circulating around social media Hutch the Jeweler snitched on people who got fraudulent PPP Loans during the pandemic. It’s alleged that Hutch the Jeweler aka Dan Hutchinson became an informant for the FEDS, but it’s not clear exactly why. If the rumor is true most likely Dan Hutchison was trying to keep his own business from being taken down by the FEDS, so he decided to cooperate with them.

Before the shooting took place it’s alleged that other jewelers found out that Dan Hutchinson aka Hutch the Jeweler was snitching to the FEDS, and told people not buy jewelry from him. Based on the rumor the wrong people found out Hutch the Jeweler snitched, and put a hit on him as a result. This is all speculation and hasn’t been proven, but it’s the only plausible explanation at the moment. Essentially it’s possible Hutch the Jeweler was murdered for exposing PPP loan fraud.

As you can tell from the photos the shooters who killed Hutch the Jeweler were very accurate with their shots, which could indicate they were highly trained. Almost every bullet went through the driver side window of Dan Hutchison’s Yukon Denali. Considering how famous he was it’s a bit surprising he wasn’t rolling with security at all times, especially if he was really working with the FEDS.

2022 has been shrouded with gun violence whether it’s been mass shootings, or singular incidents like Hutch the Jeweler’s death. Prayers up for Dan Hutchinson and all the other victims of these senseless shooting deaths we have seen this year. Only time will tell if the conspiracy theory about Dan Hutchinson snitching on people who did PPP Loan fraud schemes is true.