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Is Nancy Mace a Hypocrite? Video of Nancy Mace on Fox News VS on CNN Speaking About COVID Vaccine and Omicron Variant Sparks Conspiracy Theories

You know how people say you should never trust any politician? You know how people also say politicians don’t stand behind their words, and just say whatever is necessary to appeal to certain people in the moment? It’s not often you see concrete evidence of that, but a viral video of Nancy Mace could be just that.

Video of US Representative Nancy Mace on Fox News vs Nancy Mace on CNN Talking About COVID Vaccine and Omicron Variant Sparks Conspiracy Theories

South Carolina republican US Representative Nancy Mace was on both CNN and Fox News discussing the COVID vaccine amid the recent discovery of the Omicron COVID variant, which South Africa claims only causes mild symptoms in people who have it.

Nancy Mace had two very different perspectives, which seemed to coincide with who she felt watches CNN vs Fox News. This led to accusations that Nancy Mace is a hypocrite who will say anything just tell certain people what they want to hear. Some people even dubbed Nancy Mace “Two Face” from Batman. She even had on the same outfit in both segments.

When Nancy Mace was on Fox News she touted studies that allegedly showed natural immunity gives you 27 times more protection than the COVID-19 vaccine. She accused policy makers of selectively ignoring science to support their vaccine mandates and restrictions.

In comparison, when Nancy Mace was on CNN she had a completely different tune touting how important it was for everyone to get vaccinated. She explained how she ran campaigns urging people to get the COVID vaccine at all costs to protect themselves. It was the complete opposite of her sentiment on Fox News concerning the same issue.

There’s an old saying Hip-hop fans might understand that goes “is it Oochie wally or One mic”. In this situation that saying would be the equivalent of asking which is the real Nancy Mace, the Fox News version or the CNN version of her?

Firstly take a listen to Nancy Mace on Fox News insinuating natural immunity is better than being vaccinated. It should be noted that an Israel study did show that Natural immunity is superior to being vaccinated, but some scientists and doctors still disagree.

Now here is Nancy Mace on CNN attempting to appeal to different demographic by insinuating COVID vaccines are superior to natural immunity.

This is a perfect example of why many people think politics is a scam or complete joke. In this situation Nancy Mace was clearly just saying things to appeal to certain demographics in certain situations to make herself look good.

When she’s on a republican leaning news network natural immunity is better, when she’s on a democrat leaning news network the COVID vaccines are superior. No one even knows what she truly believes now.

How can you truly trust people who don’t even stand behind their own words?

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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