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Is Doja Cat Sick? Video of Extremely Skinny Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Has People Worried About Her Health

Doja Cat used to be known as one of thickest female rappers in the game in a good way. She had the type of body that had healthy curves while also being in shape. However, over the past few years her body shape has change, but recently it seems to have changed drastically in an unhealthy way. People are now convinced that Doja Cat is sick battling some type of health issue, or eating disorder.

Is Doja Cat Sick? New Video Has People Worried About Doja Cat’s Weight Loss and Health

In a recent video Doja Cat was wearing a tank top and pink underwear while showing her fans how she puts on makeup. Based on the footage people now think Doja Cat looks anorexically unhealthy as if she is losing weight too fast. The woman who once had healthy curves and a large chest now looks almost like a cracked out stick figure in many people’s opinions. She also has a drowned out look in her face like she isn’t eating well.

Among the many theories that people have about Doja Cat’s weight loss is that she is sick, starving herself, or using drugs too much.

Take a look at Doja Cat before and after the weight loss. It’s tough to imagine that the people in these two photos are the same person. Doja Cat lost so much weight she looks less than half the size of the beautiful thick woman she used to be.

If the extremely skinny Doja Cat isn’t sick then most people feel that the pressures Hollywood puts on black women to fit a certain image has really affected her mental mind state. We all know Hollywood and music industry promote the unrealistically skinny image for women.

If Doja Cat’s weight loss isn’t health related, then it would mean that something caused her to not be happy about the way she used to look before. Whatever is going on with her hopefully she is in a good place mentally.