By now you have probably heard the news that the Supreme Court has overturned the landmark Roe vs Wade decision that federally protected a woman’s right to get an abortion. Now the legality of abortions will be left up to each state individually, which will presumably make it much harder for a woman to seek abortions if she’s in a state where they have been outlawed. While many people support the decision just as many people are against it, and that included Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ $4000 Abortion Announcement After Supreme Court Roe vs Wade Overturned Decision Goes Viral

In a groundbreaking twitter post Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they will reimburse their employees up to $4,000 to cover expenses if they have to travel to another state to get an abortion. Essentially this is there way of making it clear they are against the Supreme Court’s decision, and support the ideal that a woman should have the right to abort an unborn child if they feel they need to for whatever personal reason. Take a look at the abortion letter written by Ed Stack and Lauren Hobart.

Protests For and Against Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe vs Wade Are Happening Nationwide

As aforementioned this is a situation the nation is completely divided on. As proof is the equal amount of Protests that are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade, or condemning it. Take a look at some videos.

This situation is so complex, because on one hand you can argue that a woman aborting an unborn child is similar to murdering the unborn child since they aren’t giving that person growing inside them the chance to see the light of day. On other hand you have situations where a woman needs to get an abortion, because giving birth could lead to her death. You also have situations where a woman was $exually assaulted and her attacker got her pregnant, in which most people feel she should have the right to abort the baby.

It seems most people would agree that in case where a woman willingly had $ex and got pregnant then the baby has the right to be born and experience life, and shouldn’t be aborted. However, in many of the states that have made abortions illegal there is no leniency concerning how the woman got pregnant, which is an issue. That’s probably why the Supreme Court left the decision up each individual state.

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