Skip Bayless Crying About Tom Brady Retirement? Skip Bayless Reaction to Tom Brady Retiring after 22 NFL Seasons Gets Predicted by Social Media

The sports world broke today when it was announced that Tom Brady is retiring from NFL football after 22 long seasons. Throughout his career in New England and Tampa Bay one of his biggest fans was Skip Bayless. He was to Tom Brady what Shannon Sharpe is to Lebron James, if you know you know. Naturally social media is having a field day with him on social media considering the shocking news about Tom Brady’s retirement.

Social Media Predicts Skip Bayless Reaction to Tom Brady Retiring after 22 NFL Seasons

On social media many people were seen posting video reactions to how they think Skip Bayless will react to Tom Brady retiring from the NFL. As you probably know he will likely be heartbroken, and go into depression. After all there was that viral segment where Shannon Sharpe let Skip Bayless know that Tom Brady acknowledged him during a private conversation, which he said made his year.

Take a look at some social media posts about Skip Bayless reacting to Tom Brady retiring.

This video below embodies how much Skip Bayless loves Tom Brady. It appears during conversation about retiring after Aaron Rodgers announced his first retirement, Tom Brady acknowledged Skip Bayless while joking he would have nothing to talk about if he wasn’t playing in the NFL.

Will Skip Bayless Cry About Tom Brady Retiring?

The truth is many people are going to be just as distraught as Skip Bayless’ reaction to Tom Brady retiring will be. This is like when Michael Jordan retired from the NBA, or when Lebron James will eventually retire. Skip Bayless is probably going to cry on live TV about Tom Brady’s retirement. Something that has never happened before.

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