There are many reasons people get kicked out gyms. Sometimes it’s for being too creepy, sometimes it’s for fighting, sometimes it’s for improper use of weight machines, and sometimes it could be for not paying membership fees. One reason that rarely gets someone kicked out is for what they are wearing underneath their clothing. That rare chance happened when UFC Fighter Pearl Gonzalez’s thong stunt got her kicked out a gym for revealing too much skin.


Although it put an abrupt stop to her workout she is in good spirits about the ordeal as she tweeted, “Got kicked out the gym today. Anyone need a workout partner”. Surely there would be a lot of people willing to take her up on that offer.

Pearl Gonzalez is known for the revealing photos she posts on Instagram, so this stunt she pulled isn’t surprising. She’s also known for being a sneakerhead. Notice the fly Air Max Nikes she has on.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff