Meek Mill’s response to Vanessa Bryant complaining about his Kobe Bryant line, may be career suicide. Shortly after her Instagram post concerning the matter went viral he had something very disrespectful to say to her. Something that could make every fan he has turn on him. Something that may be crossing the line of no return in terms of his public image.

It appears Meek Mill dissed Vanessa Bryant by saying, “F*** your feelings. I’m going back savage in this s***”. Wait what Meek? You realize this is the wife of the Kobe right?

Meek Mill telling Vanessa Bryant "f*** your feelings" in response to her calling him out for Kobe Bryant Lyrics
A reaction to Meek Mill dissing Vanessa Bryant

Okay let’s take a step back and try to think this through. What in Vanessa Bryant’s rant about his Kobe Bryant lyrics made him so mad? We think the answer is the fact that she said she isn’t familiar with his music. He probably saw that as her trying to call him “irrelevant”.

Nevertheless you can’t be going at a dead man’s wife like this, especially when it’s Kobe Bryant who had no beefs with him. Meek Mill made a huge mistake here again. It really looks like social media will always be is down fall.

Author: JordanThrilla

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